My name is Black and I draw stuff for a living.  If you can think it up, I can ink it down.  I have worked on book and album covers, logos, graphic design for brochures and advertising, and just good ol’ fashioned commission work for people who want unique, one-of-a-kind art of their own.

As a rule I take no money up front.  You don’t pay until your artwork is finished to your satisfaction.  I also don’t set arbitrary limits on the number of edits and/or revisions I will do on your artwork.  My process (which you can see in the slide-show page) allows me to edit and take in your feedback as I work on your art, which speeds up the process and ensures you retain full control over the artwork.

Feel free to browse through my gallery, follow the links on the images to past clients and online shops, and be sure to check out my YouTube channel to see my work created in time-lapse.  If you like what you see, share the page, like me on Facebook, and drop me a line.  I’m always down to take on new clients.


--Will Black